About Us

Our Vision

To promote mutual understanding, respect, and building intercultural competence among event participants through international exposure experience.

Global Katalyst e.V.​

From German land to the world

Global Katalyst e.V is a nonprofit association established in Stuttgart Germany. The members come from different countries and professional backgrounds who voluntarily committed to work together to formulate international events and other programs in various countries.

Founded in 2020, the association aimed to build communication, explore future collaboration, and bridge cooperation between nations in the field of education, social, culture, and tourism. In the German language, e.V. means association. The legal form serves as the initial platform toward the establishment of a foundation in the future.

Our association is registered with the city of Stuttgart in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Connecting the international network together

Business professionals and organizations often look for a way to reach out and give back to the community as a part of the social responsibility. In addition to financial contribution, donating time or other resources such as network and skills can also be impactful to the society in need.

Moreover, the initiative offers the chance of getting connected with new networks from all over the world that can be useful for future life and career.

Getting immersed in new field of social activities is a fascinating way to expand new skills and knowledge base, and can open up new opportunities too.